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These moose have found new places to live.
Look below to see where they are now and who has adopted them.
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Adopter's Name Moose Name City State Adoption Date
Tina   Jut     Pa   01/22/2009  
Cooper   Camouflage   Anchorage   AK   01/14/2009  
Tori   Charles   Attleboro   Massachusetts   06/06/2013  
Kara   KARABOO   Barnesville   PA   10/20/2010  
April   mooze mousse   Billerica   MA   12/30/2008  
Pat   Hadley   Bloomington   IN   01/05/2009  
John   Sparky   Bloomington   IN   01/05/2009  
Shelbie   Moose   Burlington Junction   Missouri   04/05/2009